Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NICU Day 37

Baby Girl did very well with the drop down to CPAP.  She is still low on her oxygen usage and she has successfully removed her new nasal prongs numerous times.  She really likes playing with them, they are much more comfortable than the last set.  She also is getting another ml for feeding, so she's up to 24 ml every 3 hours.

I took her some fresh milk over lunch.  Daddy went to visit after work and held her for about an hour.
All in all, a good quiet day.

Weight: 1280 grams (up 20 grams) - 2 lb 12 oz
Milk: 1120 (37.3 oz)
Feeds: 24 ml pushed over 30 min, Iron supplement and 1ml, Tri-Vi-Sol, .4 ml protein x 8/day (every feeding)
CPAP!!, 23%-36% oxygen.
Day Nurse: Michele
Night Nurse: Karla

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  1. She is gaining weight like a champ! It seems like she just crossed the 2 pound line last week!