Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NICU Day 24

Another day of feeding and growing.  I didn't hold Baby Girl tonight, I had an opportunity to take an earlier appointment with my therapist tonight, so I did that and then went by the hospital to pump some fresh breast milk for Baby Girl.  I met her nurse Diane who has an adult daughter who was born with a pretty severe heart defect.  We talked a bit about whose who in the cardiac world and which hospitals were great for which surgeries these days.  it was a lot of fun.  I found out Baby Girl's neighbor has some cardiac issues as well.  His mom and I talked about all the what-ifs we have to let go of.  It is hard not to second guess all the steps that lead to where we are now.

Our neighbor had a pneumothorax when he was born which is why he was on the oscillating ventilator and all that high tech stuff.  He also has SVT, which is pretty scary for his mommy.  His mommy told me she was VERY impressed with Baby Girl's cry.  She's loud for such a tiny thing and she makes it very clear how she feels about the world.  She'd really like to sleep on her belly and not be messed with.  I hope she's getting used to the routine though.  I talked with Brittany and she said that Baby Girl continued to bounce up and down on her sats, so she did care a bit early and flipped her back on her belly.  They talked some more about adding liquid protein to her feeds during rounds, but no decisions have been made yet.

Baby Girl had an ENORMOUS poop right before she was weighed.  Brittany said it was the biggest poop she'd seen in a baby this size in a very long time. This epic blow out may explain why she was down 10g.  It may also explain some of the apnea and brady spells she was having (apparently these are called A's and B's in the vernacular of the NICU).

Weight: 930 grams (down 10 g) - 2 lb
Milk: 997 ml (33.23 oz)
Feeds: 18 ml pushed over 30 min, Iron supplement and 1ml Tri-Vi-Sol
NIPPV Remains at 25, 26-32% oxygen.
Day Nurse: Diane
Night Nurse: Brittany

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