Sunday, September 21, 2014

Long time, no update... Maybe some news...

It's been a long time.  I've actually written and discarded several blog posts.  I've been reticent to share all, so I haven't been sharing at all.

First, an update on C.  He's been doing well.  Nothing really exciting on the cardiac front.  His heart rate can still run low at times (like when he had his EKG last month).  We're going to do another Holter Monitor in winter, which will have more clothes available and therefore makes him less likely to rip the leads off and throw them at our head!

C, continues to progress in milestones in his way and his pace.  Sometimes that pace is very, very fast (academically) and sometimes, not so much (socially, athletically).  We're really pretty OK with that.  It makes for some interesting experiences though.  I've got a 4 year old who doesn't respond to social cues and isn't potty trained who can recite the multiplication tables up to 12x12 and enjoys playing prime/not prime.  Storybots is our favorite short TV show (used to reward potty successes among other things) and Umizoomi has the win for long TV shows.

We took C to get his eyes examined at the request of genetics (genetics came back normal, so heart defect is assumed to be a fluke at this time).  His eyes are great too :)  When we arrived, the nurse offered to let him watch a show, she put on toy story.  I asked if she had anything more educational.  I think she thought I didn't WANT him to watch something that wasn't educational, but really, he just wasn't going to watch it if it didn't have a point he cared about.  She kind of rolled her eyes and said he'd be fine watching this.  Three minutes later, he asked if there was something else he could watch.  I suggested that if she didn't have something academic available, the letter chart for eyes would work as something entertaining.  As a bonus, they can put those charts on rotation!  He happily called out letters and numbers as they appeared across the room.  He really is easy to please, within a narrow subset of easy ;)

Now we, as a family... do have stuff going on.  After the miscarriage last April, we decided maybe adoption/fostering would be a better route for expanding our family.  We headed down that route and along the way we realized it is actually harder and more painful in a number of ways.  So, we decided to go ahead and try both routes at once.  Within 3 weeks of having made that decision, I was staring at a stick with 2 pink lines.  I hesitated to announce it to anyone, as last time was pretty traumatic.  I kept waiting for the right moment to expand the circle of knowledge for our news. Every time I almost told, I'd have a minor complication, a little bleeding here, a little more there, a couple rounds of mastitis (yes, in pregnancy, so not normal).  All very nerve wracking given the past.

I waited past getting our MaterniT21 results (all normal), I waited past getting our anatomy scan, everything in the right place, everything growing on schedule and measuring for dates.  And I waited until we had our fetal echo... heart looks perfect :)

We're now 25 weeks pregnant.  Things are still kind of rocky, baby looks fantastic, however, I'm still working hard at doing my part.  When we had the fetal echo, they noticed my amniotic fluid was a little low.  I left the appointment on bed rest this last Wednesday and now I'm lying at home, working part time and focusing on drinking at least 100 oz of water a day.

Now in the interest of over-sharing for posterity, which is, after all, part of the purpose of this blog.  I will also share yesterday's adventure. I ended up going back to L&D on Saturday afternoon for some very persistent lower abdominal cramps. While at L&D they did put me on monitors and while there was a teeny tiny spike from around 20 to around 25 when I was feeling the cramping, it really doesn't seem to be uterus related.  I do appear to have thrush down under, which can cause abdominal cramping.  I keep checking my uterus to see if it seems hard, whenever one of these episodes come on, I don't believe it is.  The most disturbing part, and what made me head in, was the fact that they were time-able and had been occurring since early Friday.

I've been researching and researching, and there isn't much in the way of detail on that little tidbit.  Super frustrating.  However, Dr. Google and I do have a theory that I've got something wonky going on with my pelvic floor.  We'll see how that pans out.

All in all, I'm still hoping that this measurement will be considered a fluke and I'll go back to work. I'm ecstatic to have a healthy baby inside me and I'm hopeful she'll be sticky and stay in a lot longer.

My goal is 12-13-14, because it is a neat date :)

Ok, update accomplished.  I'll try and write something again next Sunday :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

6 Month Cardiology Visit and a general update

We had our 6 month cardiology visit last week.  Vitals were good, echo looks unchanged.  EKG wasn't what I was hoping for.  His rhythm was sinus, but slow at 57.  Considering he was upset at the time and that generally speaking, heart rates for adults (much less children) should be greater than 60, this was not what we wanted to see.  We'll need to do another holter monitor this winter for our next checkup. We're waiting until winter because the extra layers will make it much easier to keep the monitor on.

C can read most anything he finds interesting at this point.  He's shifted his interests to maths.  He understands the basics of addition and subtraction.  He's memorized his multiplication tables up to 12x12. He's currently focused on even/odd and prime numbers.  It is amusing, but sometimes the relentless quizzes can be wearing.

While C's interest in academics knows no bounds, his interest in activities such as art, life skills and potty training are non-existent. We are working to find creative ways to spark his interests.  We're hoping to use letters and numbers to bridge the gap.  For example:  C has no interest in drawing a person, however, we've been able to get him to do so by making the body an A, the head an O, the arms Rs and so on.  Also, instead of asking him to draw pictures, the preschool has him write "math sentences".

We've started doing written worksheets at home in an effort to get him to work on his upper body strength and fine motor skills.  All in all,things are going well.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

C's Update and a recommitment to blogging

C is doing very well.  He's up to 28 lbs.  He tolerates having his vitals taken, EKGs applied and gets only slightly grumpy during an echo.  Getting his height measured freaks him out a bit but overall, things are getting a lot easier on the medical testing front.  C is stable from a cardiac perspective and gaining weight again which will hopefully end his FTT diagnosis at some point.

We're in an interesting place with C.  He's in public preschool with an IEP.  Our main goal is to get him to play without lapsing into academic pursuits.  C can read, sentences, books, big words like "anthropology".  He sounds words out in his head and just speaks the word as he guesses it would be said.  It is amazing.  He's been reading since he was 2, which leads to an interesting shift in focus for his parents.  Instead of trying to teach him reading, math, shapes, colors, time, etc.  We are trying to get him to slow down and stop learning so much so quickly!  It sounds strange... but this really creates a gap in his social skills and a huge chasm that needs to be bridged socially.

The kids in his class love him and adore his idiosyncrasies as much as we do. Ultimately, balance will serve him better, so that is what we are striving for.

C is amazing and we are so glad to have him.  I'm sorry I stopped blogging, I'd meant to keep this up as a great way to keep track of our lives.  I tracked the high drama and have failed to keep up with the every day.

My New Year's Resolution is to ensure that I don't continue that mistake.  I am resolving to blog at least once per week.  We've got big changes coming, so look for a new post soon!