Friday, October 10, 2014

NICU Day 19

Another day in the NICU.  I left work early at 2 to meet with someone who helps fill out Medicaid paperwork.  She ended up leaving the paperwork with me and then didn't come back before her shift ended, so I brought it home.  I hope to get it to her next week sometime.

I got to hold Riley again tonight and I got a picture of her with her eyes open :)  As always she satted very high while I held her until right at the end, just after an hour was up when she started low satting instead.  I think it is her way of saying she's done for now...

It is very sweet and beautiful to hold her, but she kind of reminds me of a baby squirrel.  They asked if I wanted to get her out of the incubator myself and I declined.  I'd rather they get her, all her tubes and wires out and bring her to me, rather than having me try to get her out myself.

In fun news, I took her temp and changed her diaper.  The diaper change was a bit of a saga.  It took 3 diapers to get her in one clean diaper.  She pooped on my hands twice.  I was talking to another preemie mom the other day and she mentioned how strange it was that the baby didn't even have a butt crack yet... I hadn't noticed before, but that is totally true... there isn't one. The better to poop on me, I guess...

860 grams (up 10 g) - 1 lb 14 oz
Milk: 909 ml (30.3 oz)
Day Nurse: Jennifer
Night Nurse: Ashley


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  2. I'm so glad Riley is doing so well! It sounds as though she has a great medical team watching over her and doing all they can to support her as she grows :)

    How are things going for you and balancing everything?