Friday, January 16, 2015

Cold and Flu Season is terrible

I hate cold and flu season... C4 is sick again. He gets sick or has symptoms 3 out of 4 weeks. I basically have to avoid interacting with him 90% of the time. Baby Girl and I are confined to the living room and I'm sleeping on the couch instead of in my bed. I feel like we're damaging C4's relationship with his sister and with me. It is absolutely breaking my heart :(

Baby Girl remains on a monitor for apnea and bradycardia. She's had 2 alarms, the latest was yesterday.  I think I'd like to keep the monitor for at least another month.  Last time baby girl had shots she started alarming and had to go back on oxygen support.  I'm worried that will occur again with our next round of vaccinations.

Our weeks are filled with appointments right now.

  • Baby Girl had an eye appointment 2 weeks ago and her eyes continue to develop normally.  Our next eye appointment is in 2 more weeks, hopefully it will be our last.  
  • C4 had a cardiology appointment where we had an EKG and an echo followed by a 24 hour holter monitor.  His overnight heart rate was a little lower than last time, but things mostly stayed the same.  He had some extra atrial beats, but they appear to be an isolated finding.  Overall, he's managing his lower heart rate very well and the rhythm is a standard sinus rhythm.  
  • Baby Girl has weight checks at least once a week and she's continuing to gain about 30 grams a day.  The last 3 days had a slight dip to 26.6 grams a day, but hopefully that was a fluke.  Our home health nurse also gave her the synagis shot so we didn't have to risk the doctor's office while the flu and RSV appear to be peaking in our area. Baby Girl weighs in at 8 lbs, 5oz.
  • C4 had his GI follow up, he's gained 3 lbs in the last 3 months, which is amazing!  He did not grow any taller over that time period.  If he continues to follow his usual pattern, this means he's about to shoot up in height and become super skinny again.  I asked our GI doc about the Autism team's recommendation that we offer only one family meal and make C4 wait if it isn't food he wants to eat.  We have tried this before, both with food and water.  When we tried with food, C4 didn't gain weight, height or head circumference, which is a very concerning issue.  When we tried with water (trying to get him to drink from a cup without a straw) he became dehydrated to the point he stopped urinating.  
  • Baby Girl had her initial meeting with Infant and Toddler Services, she automatically qualifies for services based on her gestational age.  It was good to see the people we'd worked with previously for C4.  He's certainly prepared us well for the services we'll need again for Baby Girl