Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NICU Day 30

Regina, the nurse practitioner called with our update.
  • Baby Girl's nutrition panel looked great
  • Baby Girl's blood gasses were fantastic so they dropped her respiratory rate down to 15 on NIPPV.
  • Baby Girl's hematocrit was 30 so she did have a blood transfusion this morning, therefore she has an IV and her next 3 feeds will be trophic feeds.  She will be receiving TPN during that time.
  • Her feeds have increased to 21 ml every 3 hours at 24 calorie fortification with .4 ml of protein.
  • She only had one self-resolved Brady, which is awesome.  
  • I asked about her length not changing and she said given her weight gain and head circumference changes, they are fine with where things are.  She's in a good place on the growth charts still.  We'll see what next Sunday brings
Weight: 1130 grams (up 90 grams due to fluids from IV, TPN and Blood Transfusion) - 2 lb 4oz
Milk: 1115 (37.16 oz)
Feeds: 20 ml pushed over 30 min, Iron supplement and 1ml Tri-Vi-Sol, .4 ml protein x 8/day (every feeding) - Iron, Protein and Caffeine doses were adjusted for weight today.
NIPPV Remains at 20, 23%-36% oxygen.
A ton of labs in the morning
Day Nurse: Alisha
Night Nurse: Kim

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