Saturday, December 14, 2013

C's Update and a recommitment to blogging

C is doing very well.  He's up to 28 lbs.  He tolerates having his vitals taken, EKGs applied and gets only slightly grumpy during an echo.  Getting his height measured freaks him out a bit but overall, things are getting a lot easier on the medical testing front.  C is stable from a cardiac perspective and gaining weight again which will hopefully end his FTT diagnosis at some point.

We're in an interesting place with C.  He's in public preschool with an IEP.  Our main goal is to get him to play without lapsing into academic pursuits.  C can read, sentences, books, big words like "anthropology".  He sounds words out in his head and just speaks the word as he guesses it would be said.  It is amazing.  He's been reading since he was 2, which leads to an interesting shift in focus for his parents.  Instead of trying to teach him reading, math, shapes, colors, time, etc.  We are trying to get him to slow down and stop learning so much so quickly!  It sounds strange... but this really creates a gap in his social skills and a huge chasm that needs to be bridged socially.

The kids in his class love him and adore his idiosyncrasies as much as we do. Ultimately, balance will serve him better, so that is what we are striving for.

C is amazing and we are so glad to have him.  I'm sorry I stopped blogging, I'd meant to keep this up as a great way to keep track of our lives.  I tracked the high drama and have failed to keep up with the every day.

My New Year's Resolution is to ensure that I don't continue that mistake.  I am resolving to blog at least once per week.  We've got big changes coming, so look for a new post soon!