Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NICU Day 17

Today was a pretty good day all around.  I did hold Baby Girl, without a mask.  Things remain mostly stable overall.  She only gained 10 grams tonight, so I suspect they'll be adding protein into her feeds.  They said they'll go really slow adding it in.  They'd like her to gain about 30 grams a day ideally.

Dr Dang called with our morning update:
  • Caffiene has been increased to account for weight gain
  • XRay looked good
  • Stable on her NIPPV, with Oxygen needs in the 20s
  • Blood Gas looked OK, will do another tomorrow morning
  • Since we only gained 10 g, we'll go up to 17ml on food and if that doesn't increase weight gain, we're going to talk to nutrition about adding extra protein.  The protein is cow milk protein.
820 grams (up 10 g) - 1 lb 13 oz
Milk: 868 ml (28.93 oz)
Day Nurse: Lori & Kate
Night Nurse: Doreen


  1. she is so cute

  2. Yay, a picture we can see you both in :-) congrats on making it without the mask!!