Monday, October 13, 2014

NICU Day 22

Baby Girl had Lori for her nurse again today.  Another day, another fabulous Halloween out fit from Ms. Lori :) Lori again worked to get me beyond my comfort zone.  She had me pick Baby Girl Up and set her on her back to do her diaper change.  It is the first time I lifted her on my own.  She did help me by getting her out and setting her on my chest, but when it came time to put her back, it was once again up to me.  I carefully stood up, terrified I'd fall and either drop her or pull on her with the vent tube or something.  But I was able to very carefully get her back into her space in the incubator and get her tucked in.  I did have to pick her up and put her on her stomach, again, all very scary.  She's so tiny, but she's also deceptively strong.  I tucked her in myself and we wrapped her in her little bed with a froggie on top and bottom.  So she'd feel safe and secure, just like when she was inside me.

I checked in with Amie around 10pm, like I generally do and she shared that Baby Girl gained 20 grams.  This officially puts her over the 2lb mark at 920 grams.  When she breaks into the kilogram zone, we'll dance another dance of joy.  The hospital is really into metric and finds 1000 grams to be a milestone.  Amy also said Baby Girl had 2 Brady's in the 8 o'clock hour and 2 more in the 9 o'clock hour.  3 of them self resolved, but on one she had to provide stimulation.  Brady's are very scary and I'm very ready for her to outgrow them.

Dr Caldwell called with our update this morning.

  • Baby Girl had a day off from labs, so no new information leads to no real treatment changes.  
  • Baby Girl continues to have clusters of alarms
  • Feeds remain the same
  • Tomorrow (10/14) they will get a bunch of bloodwork, including a nutrition panel to see if she can start tolerating protein yet.  For now, they give her a double dose of Tri-Vi-Sol and some Iron to try and help her weight gain.
Weight: 920 grams (up 20 g) - 2 lb
Milk: 982 ml (32.7 oz)
Feeds: 18 ml pushed over 30 min
NIPPV remains at 25, 26-32% oxygen.  
Day Nurse: Lori
Night Nurse: Amie


  1. I love nurses like Lori, the ones who really take the time to listen to your fears and then help you through them :)