Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NICU Day 23

Due to a power outage at the office, I ended up getting to see Baby Girl early today.  I had to drive over to the hospital to pump.  I didn't have time to fit in Kangaroo Care, but it was nice to see her.  Amie gave Baby Girl a bath this evening and new bedding.  She cried during the bath, but Amie bribed her with a warm blanket afterwards and that made her happier again.

Dr. Caldwell Called with our update: 
  • Alkaline phosphatase was high which can indicate issues with bbone growth, talking to the dietician to see if we should add protein.
  • Creatinine and BUN numbers are down and within normal range, so if we need to do Protein, it won't be as risky
  • NIPPV same, carbon dioxide is good on the blood gas so we are leaving the vent settings the same.
  • Confirmed 20 gram weight gain, which is 2 grams over our daily goal of 18 grams.
Weight: 940 grams (up 20 g) - 2.1 lb
Milk: 1010 ml (33.66 oz)
Feeds: 18 ml pushed over 30 min
NIPPV Remains at 25, 26-32% oxygen.  
Day Nurse: Lori
Night Nurse: Amie

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