Sunday, August 24, 2014

6 Month Cardiology Visit and a general update

We had our 6 month cardiology visit last week.  Vitals were good, echo looks unchanged.  EKG wasn't what I was hoping for.  His rhythm was sinus, but slow at 57.  Considering he was upset at the time and that generally speaking, heart rates for adults (much less children) should be greater than 60, this was not what we wanted to see.  We'll need to do another holter monitor this winter for our next checkup. We're waiting until winter because the extra layers will make it much easier to keep the monitor on.

C can read most anything he finds interesting at this point.  He's shifted his interests to maths.  He understands the basics of addition and subtraction.  He's memorized his multiplication tables up to 12x12. He's currently focused on even/odd and prime numbers.  It is amusing, but sometimes the relentless quizzes can be wearing.

While C's interest in academics knows no bounds, his interest in activities such as art, life skills and potty training are non-existent. We are working to find creative ways to spark his interests.  We're hoping to use letters and numbers to bridge the gap.  For example:  C has no interest in drawing a person, however, we've been able to get him to do so by making the body an A, the head an O, the arms Rs and so on.  Also, instead of asking him to draw pictures, the preschool has him write "math sentences".

We've started doing written worksheets at home in an effort to get him to work on his upper body strength and fine motor skills.  All in all,things are going well.