Monday, October 20, 2014

NICU Day 29

Baby Girl had a head ultrasound today and it came back "normal"!  This means we continue to steer clear of bleeding in the brain, which is fantastic.  She continues to maintain on her respiratory situation and her recent weight gains have caused them to increase her protein to .4ml every feeding.  I miss her SO MUCH, but I can't begin to imagine risking giving her a virus just so I can see her.

Weight: 1040 grams (up 20 grams) - 2 lb 4oz
Milk: 1093 (36.43 oz)
Feeds: 20 ml pushed over 30 min, Iron supplement and 1ml Tri-Vi-Sol, .4 ml protein x 8/day (every feeding) - Iron, Protein and Caffeine doses were adjusted for weight today.
NIPPV Remains at 20, 23%-36% oxygen.
A ton of labs in the morning
Day Nurse: Mary
Night Nurse: Kim

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  1. YAAAAAAAY! I'm sorry that you're sick, but I'm glad to see she's all the way up to 2lb 4oz!