Friday, May 11, 2012

Weight Check - 5/11/2012

After 2 weeks of OT and a concerted effort by C's parents and daycare, C has gained 8.5 oz for a total weight of 22lbs 1.5 oz!  We broke the 22 lbs mark!  I thought we were going to do that back in December, so this has been a long time coming!  Thank goodness for Fig Newtons, they are calorie dense and apparently tempting for C's pallette.  He eats 5-9 each day!  Chipotle continues to be our go to dinner food.  Though teriyaki noodles and spaghetti are coming in a pretty close second.  We still can't do anything with a gel like or thick paste consistency.  Fingers are still heavily preferred over silverware.  Napkins are occasionally used these days.  C's weight gain was accompanied by a .5 increase in height.  All in all, we've had a great 2 weeks.  No illnesses, lots of eating of the foods mentioned above.

Our OT has called in a speech therapist to evaluate C.  He uses a lot of signs, knows his numbers, letters and letter sounds, but apparently isn't talking the way she'd like to see.  They will evaluate him during play period and circle time and decide what they think, if anything, we need to do.

I'm trying to get him in for a hearing test somewhere, they want to confirm he hasn't had any hearing issues from all those annoying ear infections.  I hope not, I'm also still hoping to avoid tubes.

C is 21 months old, still breastfeeds about 4 - 5 times per day and we co-sleep.  We've just started making the switch to cloth diapers.  I feel my parenting style grow crunchier with each passing day.