Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holter Monitor Results :)

We did our holter monitor study last Friday.  Unfortunately, C had the stomach flu and a fever during that time, which means we didn't get a good baseline.  It also meant he puked on the monitor, his car seat, our bed, our chair and several other times on the floor.  Poor kid.  The flu lasted 72 hours where he didn't eat and was pretty subdued.  Since then he's been eating like crazy to make up for it, which is all good.

Yesterday afternoon, we received a fabulous Thanksgiving gift from our cardiologist.  He called with the results from C's holter monitor.  Despite it not being the baseline we were hoping to establish, We did find that C's heart can and will respond as needed when his body puts on a greater demand.  Additionally, when his heart rate is higher, he tends not to go junctional in his rhythm.  All very good things that mean we may not end up with a pacemaker.  I'm feeling very hopeful and thankful today.

His average hourly heart rate stayed in the 70's.  Overnight he had some dips into the 40's but overall, his heart is meeting his body's demands.  At one point (probably when TheMan was chasing him around the house) his heart rate was as high as 140.

Our cardiologist seems much relieved and somewhat surprised by the results.  Overall, he seems less worried than he did before we used the holter.  We'll be doing this again after the first of the year.  Our next cardiology follow up will be January 3rd.