Monday, October 26, 2015


I hate the vaccination debate.  I hate that there is this weird peer pressure out there to prove you are a proactive educated parent by ignoring 200 years of science in favor of your own 200 hours on Google.  I hate that the way the "make your own decision" statements are worded imply that if you choose to vaccinate, you obviously aren't didn't research well enough.  I hate the implication that "good parents" don't follow their doctors advice, and that is how you prove you are good.  I hate that people say "read the package inserts" but don't actually understand what they are reading.  I hate that people don't trust their own doctors (If you can't trust your doctor, find one you can trust).  I hate that the anti-vax movement sneers at herd immunity while depending upon it to protect their own children.  I hate bad science and shoddy studies.

Vaccinations save lives.  Herd immunity means that preventable illnesses don't spread like wildfire through a population. Why do I worry about your unvaccinated child playing with my vaccinated one? Because vaccination doesn't guarantee immunity on an individual level, a group of vaccinated people prevent an epidemic.  When you don't vaccinate, you increase the chances an epidemic can occur in a given population.  Vaccination isn't an individual decision, it is a community protection.

If you are out there wondering whether you should vaccinate yourself or your kids, the answer is talk to your doctor.  Explore your medical history and that of your child with your educated medical professional.  If your doctor, after assessing your specific medical situation says "Yes, you should receive this vaccination" then, yes, you should vaccinate.