Saturday, October 4, 2014

NICU Day 13

Baby Girl continues to hold steady.  She really does not like being messed with. In her perfect world we'd leave her alone and let her sleep... which is what makes sense developmentally, but since she's out, it just isn't practical.  Whenever they mess with her, she tends to desat just so everyone is clear she's not at all OK with the poking, prodding and measuring that is occurring.

I dropped by to get more milk bottles at the hospital, but they were totally out. I asked why they didn't want me using bags and they said that if we wanted to use them we could.  Since milk stores so much better in bags, we decided to shift to using those instead of their bottles.  Unless I dig through my bottle stash and find something a lot more accurate, my total ounces will become much more approximate, which is concerning when I'm trying to track my production...

Pump Total: 724ml / 24.1 oz
760g - No weight gain this evening
NIPPV Settings about the same, still ranging in the 20's on Oxygen.
Day Nurse: Kim
Night Nurse: Kim

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