Sunday, November 30, 2014

NICU Day 71

I had a good visit with Baby Girl today.  She took two bottles and breastfed twice.  It is all very exhausting, but I think she's building her endurance. It was really hard to leave her tonight.  The NICU is very full and the nurses are all a bit stretched thin.

I heard the nurses talking about calling Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and I saw lots of people crying :(  I don't know who lost a baby, but someone did and it is very sad.  It was hard thinking about that possibility and the reality that that mom must be living right now.

Length: 42.1 cm (+2 cm)
Head Circumference: 30.2 (+.2 cm)

Weight: 2355 grams -5 grams (5 lbs 40z)
Milk: 1215 (40.5 oz)
Feeds: 52 ml 6 unfortified, 2 fortified to 24 calories pushed over 30 min
Nursed: 2 nursing sessions out of 3 total attempts
Tri-Vi-Sol .5 ml
Day Nurse: Sarah
Night Nurse: Michelle

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