Saturday, November 29, 2014

NICU Day 70

Baby Girl reached 35 weeks gestation today.  I went to the hospital with the intention of feeding her twice, however, we realized that she is just too tired if I do two back to back feedings, so I'll need to talk to the doctor about that tomorrow.  Baby Girl continues to have roller coaster desats where she goes from the 90s to the 70s or lower over and over again.  I'd like to know if there is a pattern to the behavior.  Earlier I thought it was an hour after I started holding her, then I thought maybe it was related to her eating, I just don't know.  I suspect we may stay on a monitor even after we come home.  The most disconcerting part is she doesn't LOOK like her sats are low.  She's all pink even when she's registering in the 60s, which is very disconcerting.

Look at the neat picture Google made for me:

Weight: 2350 grams 50 grams (5 lbs 3 oz)
Milk: 1070 (35.7 oz)
Feeds: 52 ml (2 of which are fortified to 24 calories_ pushed over 30 min
Nursed: 1 time 25 minutes each
Iron supplement 1 ml
Tri-Vi-Sol .5 ml twice a day
Day Nurse: Carrie
Night Nurse: Alisha

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  1. Oh, goodness, look at how adorable she is :) I love that little tongue peeking out while she waves that arm :)