Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NICU Day 51

I didn't get to see Baby Girl for long today.  I had to run to a doctor's appointment and apparently, The Husband is supposed to get to hold the baby sometimes too... He did go hold her tonight for about an hour.  When he came home he expressed his enjoyment of the "good drugs" the baby provides (oxytocin is awesome).

Lab: Complete Blood Count (checking for anemia)

Weight: 1750 grams +20 grams (3lbs 14 oz)
Milk: 1262 (42 oz)
Feeds: 31 ml fortified to 24 calories pushed over 30 min,
1 ml protein x 8/day (every feeding)
Iron supplement 1 ml
Tri-Vi-Sol .5 ml twice a day
CPAP 21% oxygen, Peep 5
Day Nurse: Liz
Night Nurse: Erin

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