Friday, November 28, 2014

NICU Day 69

I got to the hospital at 11 today.  On the way there, I spoke with her doctor who informed me that she's now on 6 unfortified feeds a day.  This means I could potentially breastfeed 6 times a day.  I did breastfeed 4 times today.  The rule is that if she nurses for 8-10 minutes, they consider it a full feeding and they do not supplement.  4-5 minutes means they will supplement 1/2 a feeding.  I find it so hard when they ask if they should supplement. On one hand, I'm trying to trust her to eat what she needs to eat, though she could be too tired and not get that done and need the supplement.  On the other hand, if she did eat enough and I have them supplement her with full or half, I could be setting her up for pain or even vomiting.  I really want my Medela Baby Weigh scale back.  It is designed to detect the weight change from before and after feeding and tell you how much milk the baby ate. I'm going to ask about it tomorrow.

At this point, I pretty much need to spend as much time as possible at the hospital. This creates something of a conundrum, since we still have lots to do to get the house ready for her.  Everything is crazy!  Hopefully the uncertainty will decrease soon. I'm sad she lost weight today.

Weight: 2310 grams -10 grams (5 lbs 1 oz)
Milk: 1045 (34.8 oz)
Feeds: 49 ml (2 of which are fortified to 24 calories_ pushed over 30 min
Nursed: 4 times 15-25 minutes each time
Iron supplement 1 ml
Tri-Vi-Sol .5 ml twice a day
Day Nurse: Sarah
Night Nurse: Alisha

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