Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NICU Day 52

The Nurse Practitioner who called today said Baby Girl continues to do great!  The CBC they ran showed her Hematocrit had increased, which shows that Baby Girl is making her own red blood cells fast enough to stay ahead without needing a blood transfusion!  She's also stayed almost entirely on 21% oxygen excluding a couple of brief bumps to about 24% when she was on her back, or out getting her first massage.  Yes, that's right, I'm learning baby massage and she LOVES it!  She is also VERY interested in eating.  Typically she starts fussing 20 minutes or so before her scheduled eating time at which point she really loves to have her pacifier, she's very ready for food.

Weight: 1810 grams +60 grams (4lbs)
Milk: 1155 (38.5 oz)
Feeds: 31 ml fortified to 24 calories pushed over 30 min,
1 ml protein x 8/day (every feeding)
Iron supplement 1 ml
Tri-Vi-Sol .5 ml twice a day
CPAP 21% oxygen, Peep 5
Day Nurse: Michelle
Night Nurse: Erin