Thursday, December 18, 2014

So Very Exhausted

Life with a new born (even one that is 3 months old) is absolutely exhausting.  Baby Girl is a completely different experience than C4.  She eats, a lot.  It is fun, but super exhausting.  I'm getting about 3 hours of sleep total, usually in 3-4 different naps. We'll get a better pattern as time goes on (I hope).  I have only been able to pump about 4 times a day instead of the previous 8 times.  Baby Girl is nursing 8-10 times per day in addition to her 2 fortified bottles.

Baby Girl has her next eye exam tomorrow, we're not looking forward to it, she hates them SO much (totally understandably).

I miss knowing that someone with years of medical training and experience is always keeping an eye on her.  I miss the support and camaraderie I experienced daily in the NICU.  Also, I miss being able to hand night feedings off to someone else and getting 3-4 straight hours of sleep.  The next three months will be intentionally isolating as we strive to avoid RSV, the flu and any respiratory infections that could affect Baby Girl.  This is made especially difficult by C4's habit of continually becoming infected with the various viruses he comes in contact with.

We received some awesome holiday clothes from an awesome friend we made along this micro preemie journey.  The onsie even matches the PJs, how cool is that?!

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