Saturday, December 27, 2014

Good News! No Surgery for C4

Thank goodness for second opinions!  When the team downtown reviewed the X-rays, they determined the angle of the break was not as severe as previously thought.  There is enough bone left that remodeling should occur without requiring surgical alignment of the bones!  C4 has avoided surgery! We'll still be in a cast for 4 weeks and we've added another specialist to his roster temporarily, but at least we avoided surgery!

C4 is VERY happy about his Bedtime Math book!  Thanks for that KD!  C4 is NOT HAPPY with the cast or the sling.  Hopefully he'll get used to it and we won't spend the entire 4 weeks constantly asking for its removal.


  1. Oh I'm so happy for you guys and him. Wonderful news!!

  2. Hooray for no surgery!

    I am wishing you no doctor's visits for 2015.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say I've been thinking about you guys--hope all is going well!