Friday, December 19, 2014

I hate Cold/Flu Season

I'm in the living room, where I currently live.  Husband is upstairs with a belly ache that I can only hope is food poisoning or a really disagreeable lunch choice. C4 has had a resurgence of viral symptoms.  He's complaining of sore throat, but because he's already on a fairly powerful antibiotic for his impetigo, I am pretty safe in assuming it isn't strep throat.  His fever is low grade, which also trends viral.  He started showing symptoms about 2 days before Baby Girl came home, they came back on Thursday and tonight he briefly spiked that low grade fever.  The sore throat keeps him from eating, which is just peachy because his next weigh in is on Jan 14 and I'm running out of time to catch that up.

Speaking of weigh ins, we had a weight check for Baby Girl and she only gained 13 grams (slightly less than half an ounce) since Monday.  She'd gained a bunch in the couple of days since we'd been out of the hospital, then nothing for the last few days.  She'd been awake a LOT the last few days, so I'm hoping that is the cause and we'll be able to get her settled back down.  I just started using a new type of bottle for her fortified feeds, so hopefully that helps as well.  If it ends up being as awesome as it seems, I may even post a review :)

Baby Girl also had a follow up eye exam today.  Still absolutely horrifying, still refusing to watch the exam.  The good news is that she's now Stage 0, Zone 3, which is close to having the completed growth of those vessels.  Hopefully we'll only have to have one more eye exam 3 weeks from now when she reaches term (40 weeks gestation).

Since I'm soloing infant care, I should head off to sleep.

Baby Girl is 6 lbs 2 oz, which seems huge.  She's supposed to gain an ounce a day, but we didn't get there this time.  Hopefully next weigh in on Tuesday will show better results.


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