Thursday, December 11, 2014

NICU Day 82

So, this morning, lactation came and sat down beside me right after I finished feeding Baby Girl.  She said "I hear you don't want to do hind milk and your daughter is losing weight".  I replied "No, I have failed to remember to do hind milk 90% of the time, but she gained 2 days in a row with out it". I explained that when Dr. Caldwell shifted off of her case, we had a third day where her weight gain was under the 30 gram goal.  On that day, they shifted a bunch of stuff around.  They added a third fortified bottle, shifted her to human milk fortifier instead of Neosure, told me to start block feeding, and asked me to pump to do hind milk.  We were doing the first three, but were not consistent on the fourth.  With the first three in place, she gained 35 grams the first night and 55 the next.  I stopped pushing her to nurse as much as I had been and on day 3, she lost 10 grams.  I immediately went back to pushing her on her nursing so we'd go 25-30 minutes as of today.  Dr. Caldwell came back on her case today and thought all that extra stuff was over the top.  She's keeping the third bottle for now, but dropping the block feeding and the hind milk.  Baby Girl gained 55 grams tonight, so hopefully that will help.

We are getting apnea monitor training tomorrow and then, once we have the monitor, Baby Girl will be able to come to my room!  That will be awesome!

I'm starting to lose my voice, I think I'm allergic to the NICU room we are in now.  The symptoms get better when I'm in my room and worse when I go back to the NICU.  I wear a mask just in case it is a cold.  I'm washing my hands as frequently as possible.  I'm really hoping we can avoid a setback.

Weight: 2665 grams +55 grams (5 lbs  14 oz)
Milk: 885 (only 6 pumps)
Feeds: 61 ml 5 unfortified, 3 fortified to 24 calories pushed over 30 min
3 fortified feedings a day 24 cal human milk fortifier
Nursed: 5 times
Tri-Vi-Sol .5 ml
Day Nurse: Yet another Rachel
Night Nurse: Melissa

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