Saturday, September 27, 2014

NICU Day 6

I didn't go visit today.  Which was rough in one way, but less anxiety inducing as well.  I've rested a bit, I ended up getting 2 3 hour blocks of sleep last night when I pumped a half hour early at one point and an hour late at another.  I still pumped in the windows research has shown to be most productive, but that solid stretch of sleep was incredibly beneficial.  I've added in a few pumps today to simulate a bit of a growth spurt.

Baby Girl has been doing well at both my check ins so far.  I gave his nurse a bit of a laugh when I explained my severe angst over germs.  I'm more than ready for my hormones to get back under control so this anxiety settles down a bit.  Acknowledging that these overwhelming feelings are actually anxiety related rather than reality related has been helping.  As has the group over on the Facebook Micro Preemie board.  I'm already finding them a fantastic resource.

Baby Girl continues to do amusing and surprising things. Apparently they do oral care several times a day where they put breast milk on a cotton swab and wipe her mouth to moisturize and make her feel better.  When Janice swabbed her mouth this morning she started sucking on the swab, she REALLY likes my milk :)

I'm feeling more stable today.  I am grieving the loss of the pregnancy I wanted and furious that my daughter has to go through this.  But my anxiety has ramped back down a bit, which is good.  I finally found the quadrivalent flu shot and I'll be getting that tomorrow (Walgreens has it).

Height: 12 3/4 inches (32.385)
Pump Total: 477 ml (15.9 oz)
feedings steady at 2ml every 3 hours - no residuals between feeds
CPAP 5 - 24% O2
Acidity has improved
Phototherapy is off
Dr Murthy called with my update
Day Nurse: Janice (pronounced Jan-eece)
Night Nurse: Heather!

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  1. That is awesome that she is sucking at her milk :) It sounds like she is doing very well! Hopefully you will continue to feel ok and be back to visiting her soon :)