Thursday, September 25, 2014

NICU Day 4

Now that I'm home, I'll mostly be getting details through my update phone call sometime in the morning.  Today, Dr. Lizzazi called this morning with our update.  Baby Girl continues to do well with just the CPAP and room air, for the most part.  She's had 2 Brady incidents in the last 24 hours, but she's recovered from them on her own.  Her Bilirubin is back up to 4, so she's back on photo therapy, probably for a couple of days.  Her aciditiy is still higher, so they are adding additional buffers into her TPN to assist with that.  She lost some more weight overnight, so they are adjusting fluids for that as well.  They are going to bump her feeds up to 2ml every 3 hours instead of 2ml every 6 hours.

I'm almost positive Husband has a cold, in addition to C .  I slept on the couch last night, and I'm hoping to ward it off.  Just in case, I brought up the 14 - 16 half ounce bottles of milk I have today.  I pre-portioned them into half ounce sizes so we'll have less risk of waste with them.

I wore a mask when I went to NICU, just in case.  I bought some for home as well, so that we can wear them while working with the pump parts or if I want to be around Charlie while he's sick.

Evening Report from Heather:

Height: 12 3/4 inches (32.385)
Weight: will be double checked later tonight, it seemed high
Pump Total: 325 ml, 10.91 oz
Increasing feedings to 2ml every 3 hours
Back on phototherapy for a couple of days
CPAP 5, Back down on room air (21% O2)
PICC Line In
Peripheral IV Out and Umbilicus Art Line Out
Night: Heather
Day: Rachel B


  1. It sounds like she is doing great :) A few bumps in the road but it sounds like her medical team is really responsive to her changing needs :) Hopefully of your precautions make sure you don't catch anything {{hugs}}

  2. Hoping you can stay well and healthy. Sounds like she is doing great.