Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GI Follow Up Tomorrow

C has his 3 month GI follow up tomorrow.  I'm nervous.  Recently, our pediatrician has expressed concern about C's weight gain.  In the three weeks between the time the pediatrican told us she was worried and this GI appointment C has had an upper respiratory infection, double pink eye, double ear infection and a stomach bug.

We were trying to wean off of Zantac over the last three months, but this month we went all the way back to where we started before we began weaning down.  We were so close to done, but there is no good way to tell whether or not C's reflux was coming back.  After the GI bug we couldn't get him to stop vomiting and he was restless, so I decided to kick the Zantac back up to the original dose.  I want to keep him off of as many chemicals as possible, but he's got to be able to eat and all I can do is guess.

At this point you can see C's ribs and a hint of his hip bones.  I'm really worried about what our GI doc will say tomorrow.  The poor kid just keeps getting sick.  The average child in daycare gets sick every 6 weeks or so.  C's appetite drops every time he gets sick and he's sick for 10 days each time.  So basically he eats well 4 of every 6 weeks.  We'll see how bad it is tomorrow, I'm worried, I don't want to have to do more things that remind me C's still sick.  I try hard to maintain awareness of his overall health without focusing on the fact that he's technically got a chronic illness that will never go away.  His caloric needs are slightly higher than the average child's because of his regurge.  But he doesn't really like to eat huge quantities of food on a good day.  It is a quandry.

On a side note, C brought home a "boo boo" note from school yesterday.  The note read "C was bit on the nose by a friend".  TheMan and I can't help but laugh... it is funny!  Apparently he was flopping around on the ground at circle time instead of sitting up and paying attention and one of the other toddlers in his class leaned over and bit him.  It wasn't hard enough to draw blood, but he does still have red marks on his nose 2 days later.  What are you going to do?  Toddlers just do this stuff to each other, you can't prevent it all.  He's not upset about it, so I choose to laugh at it.  With friends like that, they must be toddlers...

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