Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confirmed - RSV

C had a cough that started sounding pretty junky.  I ended up taking him in to the pediatrician on 5/28.  They gave us a breathing treatment and a prescription for an inhaler.  After a couple of treatments with the inhaler, his respiratory rate ended up in the 50s.  The pediatrician directed us to take him in to the ER to be checked for RSV.

At first the doctor at the ER seemed to imply we were paranoid due to C's past health issues.  Then, once the tests were in and RSV was confirmed, they seemed to be a lot more understanding.  The doctor thought he might see a bit of pneumonia, but the radiologist said we were fine.

We're home on steroids and an inhaler. C will get his last RSV shot of this season tomorrow on our 1st (4th technically) wedding anniversary.

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