Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Surgery Day 1

C's resting in the PICU. We had a bit of a concern earlier when they started to take him off bypass. He had a pulmonary hypertensive crisis and had to go back on bypass briefly to knock him back out of it. They put him back on bypass, gave him nitric oxide and he snapped out of it within 20 minutes. They were then able to take him off bypass. Shortly after they got him to the PICU he started having some irregular rhythms in his atrium and they are using an external pacemaker to control his heartbeats for now. We'll know more tomorrow, they are basically going to let him rest overnight. He's currently heavily sedated and letting the vent do all the work.

Our first nurse was AWESOME! Her name is Erin and she explained every single thing in the room. They were redoing the tape for his vent tube and NG tube and she cut a heart out of adhesive to use for the NG tube tape.. it was really cool. Its a little thing, but it made a difference. Then we ended up discussing reflux for a while and she made me feel like she actually valued what I had to say. She also welcomed all questions and, in fact, encouraged them. I liked her a lot. Tonight's nurse is pretty cool too, but not as interactive or engaging.

We had 2 hours of sleep last night and I am absolutely exhausted. I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight after I next pump.

I am mostly OK right now, occasionally I just want to run and go get my baby!  I miss him and I hate not knowing what I need to do next.  I believe sleep will provide some perspective.
I have pictures to post and will upload them "soon".

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  1. Thanks for the updates. My fingers are crossed!