Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Longest Day Ever...

Sorry I haven't been posting, I think we are slowly wearing down a bit.  I need to get back in the blogging habit so I can keep

I have been living the longest day ever.  It started at 3am on 8/9/10 and continues through today.  This day is broken up with naps that span at most 2-3 hours before I'm up for another hour to hour and a half doing "stuff" Pumping and feeding baby and giving medicine.  But what I most certainly don't get is sleep.

On Monday, we went to the pediatrician and got a set of shots.  Usually these shots are given at 4 months, but we'll be in that 6 month window where we can't have any vaccinations by the time he turns 4 months old.  I started to wait until next week to do the shots because we're risking having to redo them if they are to close together. It ends up that we're lucky I did not do that.  They wanted to do surgery closer to four months instead of six.  They said December would be the month for surgery.  So somehow, it knocked me for a loop when the surgery date was set for November 30th.  I know its only one day, but I REALLY expected to have the word December in there somewhere.  I was very disconcerted and I am very anxious.

Tomorrow we meet the surgeon and get another echo so he can get the pictures he wants to have for planning.  I have lots of questions to ask and I hope getting those answers will help ease my anxiety.  I'm back on heartburn meds, so I know I'm actually pretty anxious.  I'll know more about the specific repair and how long we're expected to be in the hospital after tomorrow (which is actually later today since its 1:30 in the morning and I'm up expressing breastmilk for the 4am feeding).

I stuck C's rattle in his hand earlier today and he tends to hold onto it for a while if we can get a good grip on it.  He's not really grabbing it on his own.  He's a little behind on the tummy skills since we can't really get all the tummy time in that we are supposed to.  Our goal is half an hour a day.  Eating usually takes an hour and a half out of every three hours and exhausts us.  Then our tummy is usually upset for another 40 minutes after that feeding and C must be held upright... so we're 2 hours and ten minutes in before anyone can do anything for themselves such as eat or go to the bathroom.  Then 50 minutes later, we start all over again.  Its nice when we dream feed because feeding him goes faster, but then he's asleep and we still can't do tummy time (plus we still need to hold him upright for half an hour).  The pediatrician says not to worry about it, he's going to get pretty behind after surgery anyway, but he'll catch up quickly once he doesn't expend the energy of a marathon runner just to be awake.

I've posted a couple of videos on Youtube, but only one doesn't involve having to view it sideways.  Its dorky, but I still enjoy watching C smile.  I have no idea why he likes having his mouth tweaked but he REALLY does *grin*

I've been pumping for 40 minutes now, so I believe I shall be allowed to go back to sleep.  I hope to finish another blog post I've been writing for a while soon and have it online by the end of the weekend.


  1. I am thinking of you and Charlie,a nd I hope the surgery goes well. (It's scary that it's early, but at least you'll be past it sooner!)

  2. I, too, am thinking of you guys and your beautiful son. Let us know how it goes and know that you have a small cheering section for the surgery and recovery.

    Also, everyone enjoys watching their son smile -- and I bet I'd enjoy watching yours smile, too. Not dorky at all. :)

  3. Just found your blog through Jill's (fierceandfiesty) - your post on 'THAT tired' snapped me right out of self-pity! I have a 3-month old CHD son (Jack, with repaired TGA) and an almost 3-year-old daughter (perfectly healthy but going through terrible 2's). My heart goes out to you guys. Just wanted you to know I'm saying a prayer for your family - I loved the video - that Charlie's eyes keep opening and closing, that he gains strength, that his surgery (surgeries?) is/are successful, and that the two of you soon regain your rest. Hang in there. Tomorrow will be a busy day - I pray Lord lets you through it with grace and peace.