Monday, April 26, 2010

Waiting is hard

This morning I was still riding the high of our decision to skip the amino. I called the Maternal Fetal Medicine group and cancelled that portion of the appointment. I updated the OB on the decision and then I called Children’s Mercy to try and figure out exactly what was going on and how things should go. After several calls back and forth the MFM group decided that they didn’t want us to come in and ask questions, instead they would rather we consult on the phone with the genetic counselor and hold the medical questions until the Cardiologist appointment which we will have on May 14th. I updated the OB again and let them know we were just going to have a phone consult and wait on the rest. I had about 15 questions for the genetic counselor, she was able to answer some, but most have to wait until we can figure out what we are dealing with at the cardiologist. Waiting is hard, I’ve decided its time to go back to being happy to be pregnant and to just enjoy this process. There is nothing I can do to change what’s coming, I shouldn’t let that rob me of the joy of this experience.

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  1. I think that's a good idea. *Hugs* Enjoy the ride, for even without issues life is never the same after the baby.