Monday, October 15, 2012

An open letter to Children's Hospital Boston


I wanted to give you guys some feedback on our time at Boston Children's Hospital.  We were inpatient beginning on 9/27 and discharged on 10/4.  During our stay and during our pre-op appointments I was impressed and gratified to note the breastfeeding friendly signs and attitudes of the staff and practitioners at your institution.  The commitment you have to providing a breastfeeding friendly environment is a testament to your dedication to children's health and well being.

My son is currently 25 months old.  In most places, including some medical institutions, this is considered too old for breastfeeding. Despite the numerous documented physical and psychological benefits of what, in this country, is called extended breastfeeding.  Your hospitals commitment to providing an open, breastfeeding friendly environment for all children, regardless of age, puts you a cut above many other locations.

I also noted the easy access to pumps and the staff willingness to find any equipment I needed for pumping both while we were waiting both during his operation and while we were inpatient.  Additionally, I love that you use Medela bottles for storing the breast milk instead of containers supplied by a formula company.

I had several opportunities to interact with the lactation support staff prior to my son's hospital stay.  I consistently found them to be helpful, supportive and encouraging.  Their depth of knowledge and dedication to helping lactating moms is a credit to your entire institution.

Overall, I look back on my breastfeeding experience at Boston Children's hospital with pleasure and gratitude.  There are a lot of horror stories out there for breastfeeding moms, especially those of us who choose to continue to breastfeed for longer than the American societal standard.  Thank you for taking the time to education care providers and families on the value of breastfeeding.  Your organization's dedication to breastfeeding is clear in everything you do.

Thank you,

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