Sunday, September 2, 2012

Health and Sanity update

After writing my last post and consulting with some brilliant women over on BBC, I decided to follow my gut and at least talk to the on call pediatrician.  They told me basically what I had expected, which was I should at least take him in and get him looked over.  We went to Children's Urgent Care and hung out for three hours.  During that time they did check him out, we had a breathing treatment and X-Rays.  They were concerned about heart failure or pneumonia.

In the end, we caught the very beginning of an ear infection in addition to the upper respiratory infection we already knew was an issue.  They confirmed we made the right call this morning when we increased his inhaled steroid.  The breathing treatment they gave allowed us to get back on top of his wheezing.  Now we just need to keep on top of it.  If his respiratory rate goes over 60, we are to go to the ER.  It is down to 43 now.  It was 56 when we were at urgent care earlier today.

C's temperature was hovering at normal when we got to urgent care, but was over 100 by the time we left.  When we finally got him home, it was 101.6.  A dose of Advil, a brief nap and his first dose of antibiotic settled him enough to eat a bit of food.  Hopefully we'll catch up on calories lost in the next few days.  As it stands, I suspect we lost our 4oz weight gain... I'm just hoping to stay over 23lbs.

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  1. So happy you could get him seen and hopefully he is on his road to recovery before facing his next adventure.