Saturday, September 11, 2010

We should be home tomorrow…

They have determined the fever was being caused by a UTI. We are treating it with antibiotics. They are also assessing how fast he breathes after eating. The cardiologist making rounds started making NG tube noises, but I think that is a bit premature. C gained weight in the last 24 hours and he eats quickly and regularly. I think he just breathes fast right now. There are lots of things we can do before we have to go so far as an NG tube I think. I’ll call my cardiologist’s nurse on Monday to try and find an answer.

We had an awesome nurse today on the cardiac floor. She was no nonsense and practical and she liked me *grin* She loved that I exclusively pump and bottle feed (it saves a lot of work on C's part and still gets him the benefits of breast milk). She also loved that I can manage the meds and I pay attention :)

I am so very tired…. Though yesterday I got the first four hour block of sleep that I have had since C was born. It was lovely. I’m worried about having enough milk if I do that too often though.

Speaking of sleep I’m off to feed the baby and go to bed!

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