Sunday, September 5, 2010

We got home!

We were discharged from Mercy last night and had a quiet day at home today.  Our Lasix has been adjusted and we've added Digoxin now to make his heart pump a little harder.  The cardiologist was most conerned about him eating slower and the amount of weight he'd gained since he was at the cardiologist last Tuesday.  She told us that chances were the surgery would come sooner rather than later.  After the stress of figuring out whether or not he was really in trouble and the worry on the drive to the ER, actually being admitted overnight kind of balances the stress.  On one hand, my kid is in the hospital and he's being poked and people mess with him.  On the other hand I can REALLY sleep because he's on monitors and I know there are people to help if something terrible happens. 

Four to Six months and we should be firmly on the road to relative normalicy.  I crave that and am really ready to head in that direction.

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