Saturday, February 7, 2015

CHD Awareness Day 1, Diagnosis

(Originally posted on Facebook)

2/7/2015 is the first day of CHD Awareness week. I never thought I'd be on such a journey with my child, it is a journey I wish my son didn't have to walk. He's currently very stable and I hope he says that way for a very long time. We check his heart rate yearly. His surgeries damaged his sinus node, so it doesn't fire as it should, some day, he may need a pacemaker. Some day, he may need a valve replaced. We are part of the 1 in 100 children affected by Congenital Heart Defects.

C4 was born with a Complete AV Canal Defect with Overriding Aorta. Essentially, he didn't have the septum down the middle of his heart. His body compensated for the lack of a septum by creating one large valve that spanned the entire heart instead of the two valves that should be present. His aorta was further over than it should be, which edged him toward a second defect called Tetrolagy of Fallot. We were able to avoid that diagnosis by a matter of millimeters. Here's the blog post from the day we found out about C4's defect, it is also the impetus for this blog and my very first post. ‪#‎chdweek‬ ‪#‎1in100‬

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