Friday, April 27, 2012

Weight Check - 4/27/2012

First 2 week weight check after switching away from the nutritionist.  I felt like C ate really well this week.  But we didn't see any weight gain at all.  21lbs 9 oz - lost 3 oz.  No change in height.

Today wass our first OT appointment for this round of FTT.  I think a lot of our issues revolve around how often C got sick over the winter.  But he is hard to feed and does seem to use eating to assert some control over his life.

Our OT is awesome.  She gave us some great strategies both for returning control over eating to him without making his option to accept or reject what we offer and distracting him from the fact that he is eating by getting him to focus on the fact that he's eating.  Weird right *grin* Instead of asking him to eat, we ask him what it SOUNDS like when he eats.  What it LOOKS like when the food is in our mouths, how the colors mix etc.  We always offer him bites of two different foods, which gives him the opportunity to choose which food he wants instead of deciding whether or not he wants food at all.

Hopefully these strategies and a good healthy period will help us get some weight gain.

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