Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy again!!

Our happy baby is back and he's flirting with anyone who gets within 20 feet of him!  Its been a pretty good day all around in the PICU.  A couple I've been talking to finally got some good news, another couple finally graduated to their floor and C is a happy baby.  This is a banner day.  Yesterday they turned the pacemaker down to 80 and let it act as a backup.  It still fired fairly regularly, so this morning they turned it down to 60 to see where his heart rate was going.  He's still running fairly slowly (heart rates in the high eighties to hundred-teens.  That's why we are still in the PICU.  Also, he's throwing PVCs like a crazy baby.  The alarm has been going almost non stop for hours.  But, his perfusion is good and his vitals are stable, so its really just annoying at this point.

The central line and arterial lines have been removed and a new peripheral line is in (only 2 sticks!).  All we really have left is the pacer wires and the drain.  Still enough that I can't change his diaper, but not nearly as overwhelming as it was!

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  1. Look at that priceless smile what an adorable little guy!! I'm so glad he's flirting LOL :) I want you to know I've been praying for him and your family!!